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Postdoc position

The lattice gauge theory group at Department of physics, Graduate school of Science, Osaka University is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position. This position is funded by a Japanese research grant, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) (Representative: Hidenori Fukaya). Please visit our webpage for the details.

Talks and seminars

2018 May 11-12 The 22nd Regular Meeting of the New Higgs Working Group, invited talk, "Extra dimension WITHIN the standard model"
2018 May 16 HET journal club, "Gravity and fiber bundle reduction"
2018 June 11 YKIS2018b Symposium "Recent Developments in Quark-Hadron Sciences, Invited talk.

Past talks (2017)

2017 Jun 19-24 Lattice 2017 at Granada, invited talk and parallel talk
2017 Aug 10 YITP workshop Strings and fields 2017, contributed talk.
2017 Aug 27-Sep 2 SANTA FE WORKSHOP ON LATTICE QCD, invited talk.
2017 Sep 15 JPS autumn meeting 2017, contributed talk.
2017 Nov 13 Univ. of Tokyo, seminar.
2017 Nov 17 YITP, Kyoto Univerisity, seminar.
2017 Dec 16 Frente Hall Nishinomiya, Nishinomiya-Yukawa award ceremony, talk .