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2018 Journal Club Schedule

Every Wednesday: 12:10~13:00

For enquiries please email to wuxi@het... or koji@het... Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Wednesday throughout both semesters.

Last update: July. 4
Date発表者 (Speaker)紹介文献 など (Journal, etc.)
May 9T. Akutagawa "Uniform WKB, Multi-instantons, and Resurgent Trans-Series" by Gerald V. Dunne, Mithat Unsal, arXiv:1401.5202
May 16H. Fukaya"Gravity and fiber bundle reduction" based on Kobayashi and Nomizu’s textbook "Foundations of Differential Geometry"
May 23
May 30K. Hashimoto "Deep Learning and AdS/CFT" by Koji Hashimoto, Sotaro Sugishita, Akinori Tanaka, Akio Tomiya; arXiv:1802.08313
Jun. 6
Jun. 13Y.J. Zheng"Probing top Higgs Yukawa coupling at the LHC via single top+ h production"
Jun. 20H. Hirai"Infrared Effect on Scattering in Gauge Theory & Potential Relevance to BH Information Paradox”; “Infrared quantum information” https://arxiv.org/abs/1706.03782, “Dressed infrared quantum information” https://arxiv.org/abs/1710.02531, “On the need for soft dressing” https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.02370, by D. Carney, L. Chaurette, D. Neuenfeld, and G. W. Semenoff, and “Black Hole Information Revisited”, https://arxiv.org/abs/1706.07143 by A. Strominger.
Jun. 27K. Sakurai "Measuring CP violation in Two-Higgs-Doublet models in light of the LHC Higgs data" by B. Grzadkowski, O. M. Ogreid, P. Osland, arXiv:1409.7265
Jul. 4T. Yokoya "Bulk Entanglement Gravity without a Boundary: Towards Finding Einstein's Equation in Hilbert Space", by ChunJun Cao, Sean M. Carroll arXiv:1712.02803
Jul. 11K. Hashino "Exploring dynamical CP violation induced baryogenesis by gravitational waves and collides" by Fa Peng Huang, Zhuoni Qian, Mengchao Zhang, arXiv:1804.06813
Jul. 18K. Tamaoka "The boundary dual of the bulk symplectic form" by Alexandre Belin, Aitor Lewkowycz, Gabor Sarosi, arXiv:1806.10144
Jul. 25
Oct. 3Y. Hosotani "Bhabha scattering at ILC250" arXiv:1804.02846 by F. Richard, "Distinct signals of the gauge-Higgs unification in e+e− collider experiments" arXiv:1705.0528 by S. Funatsu, H. Hatanaka, Y. Hosotani, Y. Orikasa, "ゲージヒッグス統合理論" (サイエンス社, 10/22 刊行) by 細谷 裕
Oct. 10
Oct. 17 M. Kubota "Spontaneous CP-Violating Electroweak Baryogenesis and Dark Matter from a Complex Singlet Scalar" arXiv:1807.06987 by Bohdan Grzadkowski, Da Huang
Oct. 24 S. Kanno "Possible detection of nonclassical primordial gravitational waves with Hanbury Brown - Twiss interferometry" arXiv:1810.07604 bySugumi Kanno, Jiro Soda
Oct. 31合宿のためなし
Nov. 7 k. Mawatari “The Charged Higgs Hunter’s Guide”
Nov. 14 集中講義のためなし
Nov. 21K. Oda
Nov. 28 T. Ota “Integrable Lattice Models from Gauge Theory.” based on arXiv:1611.00592 & arXiv:1709.09993
Dec. 5   なし
Dec. 12K. Ikeda
Dec. 19 M. Tanaka
Jan. 9 S. Yamaguchi
Jan. 16 N. Iizuka
Jan. 23 S. Kanemura
Jan. 30 K. Murata
Feb. 6T. Onogi
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