2017 Journal Club Schedule

Every Wednesday: 12:10~13:00

For enquiries please email to saito@het... or tanaka@het... Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Wednesday throughout both semesters.

Last update: Sep. 26
Date発表者 (Speaker)紹介文献 など (Journal, etc.)
May 17K. Hashimoto (slides) "Out-of-time-order correlators in quantum mechanics" arXiv:1703.09435 by K. Hashimoto, K. Murata, R. Yoshii
May 24H. Hirai "Momentum-space entanglement and renormalization in quantum field theory" arXiv:1108.3568 by V. Balasubramanian, M. McDermott, M. Raamsdonk
May 31Y. Hosotani (slides) "Distinct signals of the gauge-Higgs unification in e+e− collider experiments" arXiv:1705.05282 by S. Funatsu, H. Hatanaka, Y. Hosotani, Y. Orikasa
June 7N. Iizuka "Traversable Wormholes via a Double Trace Deformation" arXiv:1608.05687 by P. Gao, D. Jafferis, A. Wall
June 14K. Ikeda "The Nahm Pole Boundary Condition" arXiv:1311.3167 by R. Mazzeo, E. Witten; "Two Lectures on Gauge Theory and Khovanov Homology" arXiv:1603.03854 by E. Witten; "Khovanov Homology And Gauge Theory" arXiv:1108.3103 by E. Witten
June 21M. Nishida "Nonlinear Gravity from Entanglement in Conformal Field Theories" arXiv:1705.03026 by T. Faulkner, F. Haehl, E. Hijano, O. Parrikar, C. Rabideau, M. Raamsdonk
June 28A. Kagimura (slides) "The Valley Hall Effect in MoS2 Transistors" arXiv:1403.5039 by K. Mak, K. McGill, J. Park, P. McEuen
July 5(Intensive Lecture)
July 12S. Kanemura (Talk title)"Testing the Higgs sector by gravitational waves" ( arXiv:1512.06239 and others)
July 19Y. Nakanishi "Predictions on mass of Higgs portal scalar dark matter from Higgs inflation and flat potential" arXiv:1404.6141 by Y. Hamada, H. Kawai, K. Oda
July 26T. Numasawa (slides) "Diving into traversable wormholes" arXiv:1704.05333 by J. Maldacena, D. Stanford, Z. Yang
Aug. 2S. Rusak "Violent Preheating in Inflation with Nonminimal Coupling" arXiv:1609.05209 by Y. Ema, R. Jinno, K. Mukaida, K. Nakayama
Sep. 25M2 Journal Club (Speakers) K. Higashide; T. Ota; M. Tachibana; M. Kitaguchi; M. Kubota; R. Saito; T. Akutagawa
Oct. 11H. Fukaya"Spectral asymmetry and Riemannian Geometry 1"M.F. Atiyah, V.K. Patodi, I.M. Singer (Oxford U. & Tata Inst. & MIT) 1975, Math.Proc.Cambridge Phil.Soc. 77 (1975) 43
Oct. 18T. Kubota"BMS in Cosmology" by A. Kehagias and A. RiottoarXiv:1602.02653
Oct. 25K. Oda
Nov. 1T. Onogi"Flow equation, conformal symmetry and AdS geometry"arXiv:1707.03982 by Sinya Aoki, Shuichi Yokoyama
Nov. 8Y. Sugimoto"A note on entanglement edge modes in Chern Simons theory"arXiv:1706.04666 by Gabriel Wong
Nov. 15S. Sugishita
Nov. 22E. Takasugi
Nov. 29K. Tamaoka
Dec. 6M. Tanaka
Dec. 13X. Wu
Dec. 20S. Yamaguchi
Jan. 10T. Yokoya
Jan. 17Y. Zheng
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