RIKEN-Osaka-OIST-Taiwan mathphys workshop


Following our RIKEN-OIST mathphys workshop 2014, this year we will have an enhanced mathphys workshop. As in the previous series, the workshop participants are invited only, and discussions are encouraged in the relaxing mood of OIST facility.


Noriaki Ogawa (RIKEN) Chief organizer

Hirohiko Shimada (OIST)

Koji Hashimoto (Osaka u.)

Heng-Yu Chen (National Taiwan u.)

Invited participants

Shinobu Hikami (OIST)

Hirohiko Shimada (OIST)

Daisuke Takahashi (OIST)

Hiroaki Ueda (OIST)

Yuna Hattori (OIST)

Han Yan (OIST)

Tatsuo Azeyanagi (Ecole Normale)

Heng-Yu Chen (National Taiwan u.)

Feng-Li Lin (National Taiwan normal u.)

Shunji Matsuura (RIKEN)

Toshifumi Noumi (RIKEN)

Noriaki Ogawa (RIKEN)

Masato Taki (RIKEN)

Yasuhiro Yamaguchi (RIKEN)

Koji Hashimoto (Osaka u. / RIKEN)

Hironori Mori (Osaka u.)

Mitsuhiro Nishida (Osaka u.)

Akihiko Sonoda (Osaka u.)

Akinori Tanaka (Osaka u.)


March 2(Mon.)-4(Wed.), 2015


Room B503, Lab 1, Main Campus,

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Graduate University (OIST)

Access to OIST

Campus Map

Access to Room B503, Lab 1


Conformal Field Theory, AdS/CFT, Supersymmetric Gauge Theory, Entanglement, Random Matrix Theory, Quantum Spin Systems, Soliton, Non-equilibrium Systems, etc.

Program (tentative)

March 2nd  (Mon.)

09:00-09:30 (25+5) Talk 1: Koji Hashimoto

D-brane Ramond-Ramond charges

09:30-10:00 (25+5) Talk 2: Feng-Li Lin

Quantum decoherence with Majorana zero modes

10:00-10:30 (25+5) Talk 3: Tatsuo Azeyanagi

Gravity with Chern-Simons Terms and Holography

(10 min break)

10:40-11:10 (25+5) Talk 4: Toshifumi Noumi

Effective field theory for spacetime symmetry breaking

11:10-11:40 (25+5) Talk 5: Hirohiko Shimada

3D CFT and Modular Bootstrap in Loop Models


14:00-14:30 (25+5) Talk 6: Noriaki Ogawa

Statistical Mechanics of Cell Mosaic Patterns in Fish Eyes

14:30-15:00 (25+5) Talk 7: Heng-Yu Chen

On Higgs Branch Localization on S^4_b

(30 min break)

15:30-15:45 (10+5) Talk 8: Daisuke Takahashi

Classically conformal U(1)' extended Standard Model and Higgs vacuum stability

15:45-16:00 (10+5) Talk 9: Akinori Tanaka

Superconformal index on RP2 x S1

16:00-16:15 (10+5) Talk 10: Akihiko Sonoda

Electromagnetic instability in holographic QCD

(30 min break)

16:45-17:00 (10+5) Talk 11: Han Yan

Gauge Field Theory in Pyrochlore Spin System

17:00-17:15 (10+5) Talk 12: Mitsuhiro Nishida

Frustration in holography

17:15-17:30 (10+5) Talk 13: Hironori Mori

Surface operators in 4d supersymmetric theories

March 3rd (Tue.)

09:00-09:30 (25+5) Talk 14: Shunji Matsuura

Quantum quench and charged Renyi entropy

09:30-10:00 (25+5) Talk 15: Yasuhiro Yamaguchi

Holographic Heavy Quark Symmetry

(10 min break)

10:10-10:40 (25+5) Talk 16: Shinobu Hikami

Moduli space and random matrix theory with an external source

10:40-11:10 (25+5) Talk 17: Masato Taki

On Global Symmetry of 5D SCFTs

11:10-11:40 (25+5) Talk 18: Hiroaki Ueda

Bose-Einstein condensation in magnetic systems


         -16:30 Free discussion

16:30-17:30 Discussion session led by Hashimoto

19:00(?)-    Banquet

March 4th (Wed.)

10:00-12:00 Discussion session led by Hashimoto

12:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-17:00 Discussion session led by Hashimoto

The workshop is supported by TSRP Osaka university (Theoretical science research project) and by iTHES RIKEN.